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breathwork practicum & certification
Practicum & Mentorship
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Practicum will help you to develop your skills, awareness and readiness for offering breathwork as a professional practitioner.


  • in-person practicum: 40 one-on-one in-person client sessions - documented (100 hours)

  • 0nline practicum: 5 online breath journeys - documented (10 hours)

  • completion and submission of client case notes



For five months following class sessions, mentorship will be provided through group case consultations where you can share your practicum experiences for the purpose of learning and growth. These are included in the course fee.

Optional individual case consultations can be booked for an added fee. These provide the opportunity to discuss client cases in depth as well as anything covered within the course.

The Inspiritu Breathwork Certification requires completion of:


This will ensure you have the skills and knowledge to be a professional trauma-informed facilitator of Inspiritu Breathwork, a gentle, sacred and therapeutic approach to conscious connected breathwork. 

Certification Requirements

Professional Certification


Completion of the following is required:

  • attendance at all training sessions 

  • 2 self-reflection assignments 

  • 2 video submissions - (1) explanation of technique with the client, (2) hands-on facilitation of client 

  • required reading 

  • personal breathwork practice (15 min/day x 100 days = 25 hours)

  • in-person practicum: 40 one-on-one in-person client sessions - documented

  • online practicum: 5 online breath journeys - documented 

  • 5 group consultation hours 

  • a demonstrated ability to carry this breath medicine with integrity, in beauty and for the benefit of all you will work with.

  • completion of personal and financial commitments for this training.

Time Commitment

  • in-person class time:

    • Level 1: 44 hours

    • Level 2: 54 hours

  • assignments: 5 hours

  • videos: 2 hours

  • reading: 20 hours

  • personal practice: 25 hours

  • practicum: 110 hours (40 in person/ 5 online)

  • group consultations: 5 hours

Total hours: 265

Certification Fee

A $300 certification fee will be required to cover the time required to review and provide feedback on your assignments, videos and practicum case notes required for certification and your learning.

260 hour Facilitator's Certification

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