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Conscious Connected Breathwork

much of my confusion and sadness came from being disconnected from myself. the greatest journey I have taken so far is the one where i ended the alienation between me and all that i am, the one where i connected my light and my darkness, where i united what i wanted to know with what I did not want to face. only through this union and truthfulness did i begin to feel at home within my own being.

~ yung pueblo, "inward"

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Conscious Connected Breathwork

Breathwave conscious connected breathing is a gentle form of breathwork that harmonizes in body-mind-spirit. It invites you into a deeper connection with yourself - to be more present in your life. 


Breathwave supports the integration of suppressed emotions and experiences. It can help you to let go, and also regulate your nervous system. Combined with qualified facilitation, it can support the gentle unwinding and release of trauma over time.  

Some of the physical benefits of conscious connected breathing include detoxification, stress reduction, an improved ability to breathe and organ massage. 

It honours the sacred within you ... the beauty, the light, the magnificent while also holding and integrating the shadow, the broken, and the exiled in order to come to wholeness.


  • Rebalances the nervous system

  • Releases stress, relaxes and replenishes one’s body and Being

  • Detoxifies internal organs

  • Improves digestion and organ function

  • Increases energy and aliveness

  • Supports emotional integration

  • Clears energetic blocks

  • Increases clarity

  • May induce altered and expanded states of consciousness

  • Improves circulation

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Community event:
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Individual sessions

one-on-one sessions provide personalised guidance and facilitation, and offer support in developing a deeper level of presence, emotional regulation and physical embodiment.

Small group sessions

small group sessions are often organised between friends or fellow explorers and provide an intimate and safe setting for personal exploration with breathwork.

Cancellation Policy:

48+ hours: credit (valid for six months)

Less than 48 hours notice: no credit or refund,

payment will be requested

I just want to extend a warm and grateful thank you to you for the recent breathwork session. I really enjoyed the experience, and all of the attendees were so welcoming. It was lovely. 


I must say that I feel different. More balanced, positive, and awake to the beauty that is all around me. It is a quiet thing, but noticeable. I have distinct memories of your lovely presence on my journey, your soft voice and touch guiding me. You are absolutely lovely.  


~ Karen

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Testimonials ...

Thank you for facilitating the breathwork journey last night. I really enjoyed the whole approach that you brought. I especially wanted to say thank you for helping me to be comfortable in the yoga and with the set up for being comfortable through the breathwork. 


Having the right teacher is an important thing for me.  You made me feel welcome in exploring it in a way that I felt comfortable within my level. For the first time I felt okay to just try and not compare myself to others around me because I was struggling so much, it allowed me to be present in my body. 

~ Arianne

Thanks for a beautiful evening ... I’m not used to getting into my emotional healing ... so I felt surprised and excited about my experience and not used to being open that way with anyone ... it felt so good .. so so freeing .. I’m grateful for you helping me to explore myself ... I had a profound energetic release and I am enjoying all the feelings that surround it as I know it will evolve and show me more of who I am ... let me feel myself in all my different bodies ... my other feelings and experience felt supported . .. you very much held a space for me to to feel safe and I want to thank you for that and trusting you and myself to merge as one ... I feel more connected and am allowing myself to let go ... and work on my healing ... going down that river last night with you was unforgettable ... so ... it’s very good ! Thanks for the laughs too !!! You are so cute and funny and an incredible guide and teacher. Thank you.

~ S.

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