I wanted to send you and note to say thank you for facilitating the breathwork journey last night. I really enjoyed the whole approach that you brought. I especially wanted to say thank you for helping me to be comfortable in the yoga and with the set up for the breathwork.

Part of what I have been calling in for myself is to feel more comfortable in my body (type). I have always struggled with yoga because I've attended classes where it was just going through the motions and I didn't feel supported or given an opportunity to get into a pose properly. Having the right teacher is an important thing for me. 

You made me feel welcome in exploring it in a way that I felt comfortable within my level.

For the first time I felt okay to just try and not compare myself to others around me because I was struggling so much,

it allowed me to be present in my body. Thank you for noticing I needed help and for facilitating that for me.


I'm truly thankful that you share this work. 

~ Ariane

I started working with Christina as a novice “yogi” and although I had tried yoga in the past it never really stuck….until I met Christina. Here was someone who didn’t expect me to be all bendy. You can tell that she loves what she does and that she enjoys sharing her passion for yoga with you whatever stage you’re at, mentally or physically. Compared to other instructors I’ve gone to, Christina is very aware and will make sure that you understand the poses and makes sure you’re doing them properly. I’ve had so many instructors where they didn’t cue or give proper instruction but Christina makes sure you’re getting the full benefit of yoga and part of that is implementing movements correctly. I have learned so much from her and always always love doing yoga with her whether its one on one or in a group. She’s a beautiful gentle soul who is a fantastic yoga instructor that I will continue to recommend to as many people as possible. 

~ Diana, 38 yrs old, Realtor

I have been a long time student of Christina’s. She’s a wonderful teacher who is passionate about yoga, her students and teaching.  She has a deep understanding of anatomy and her classes provide a balance of strength, flexibility and flow. As a teacher she provides a non judgmental environment, and is encouraging, knowledgeable and sensitive to individual needs. She is dedicated to the development and growth of her students. Every class is a learning, transforming and loving experience. From a beginner to the very experienced, every one would benefit from Christina’s classes. 

~ Glen, 57 yrs old

I wanted to express my appreciation for your expertise in teaching and guiding us - we are all very fortunate to have you as our teacher.

Participating in this class continues to feel like a real gift- small gains over time are encouraging and I’m pain free due to the practices we do each week. Thank you so much. Words cannot really express the gratitude I have for you!

~ Trish, 46 yrs old

From your amazing knowledge of the body to your intuitive caring healing ways, our sessions leave me refreshed and at ease. My shoulders are responding and becoming a live part of me again, no longer a shield for my protection. Your beauty, grace and movement speak of a woman who rests in her power and knowing. It is a joy to be in your presence. Thank you Christina.

~ Bob, 68 yrs old, Entrepreneur 

Both my husband and I have been receiving individual instruction and attending group classes with Christina Niven. Each of us has received far more benefit than we had ever imagined possible .In addition to the breadth and depth of her knowledge, Christina brings a genuine care and concern and begins each session by addressing specific concerns or problems.


My husband had great difficulty walking when he began a yoga practice with Christina. Today, he is able to work a full shift, half of which is spent walking – some 5,000 steps over four hours. He willingly and regularly devotes time to the routines Christina has developed for him.


After working with her, my body is able to sustain proper alignment to a greater and longer extent than it has for years. My balance, strength and posture are all improved. We recommend Christina to people of all ages, and particularly to those whose physical condition needs remedial and restorative assistance.

~ Carol, 65 yrs old, Communications Advisor & Peter, 80 yrs old, Commissionaire (retired)

When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.

~ Veeresh

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