A spring arises from deep within our earth, bubbling and full of minerals from the core.

SoulSpring alludes to the deep source that lives within each one of us

- from which we are nourished and inspired.




Mentor and support women and budding breathwork facilitators in their growth journeys

Create community with women through circles and retreats where we can authentically share, connect, grow and learn




Transformation & self-connection (soul-connection) through movement, breathwork, inner inquiry, reflection and sacred ritual

Guided practices and instruction - physical, emotional and spiritual - that can serve to nourish your body and Being 




About wellness and healthy aging from a holistic perspective that encompasses body, mind & spirit 

Provide knowledgable, in-depth instruction in therapeutic yoga & movement, nervous system support, resilience and healthy living 



Set clear priorities and boundaries in your life 

Remember the most sacred, beautiful and magnificent parts of yourself

Cultivate more self-love, acceptance, compassion, authenticity, confidence and courage

Change patterns, stretch into the unknown and let go of what no longer serves you - to create whatever it is that mostly deeply nourishes and inspires you​ 


Provide an accountability platform to support you in sticking to your commitments and desired dreams

Hold space and listen with loving presence and acceptance 

SoulSpring Wellness has been in operation since 2010 in Vancouver, BC and is owned and operated by yoga therapist and teacher Christina Niven. 


I am a C-IAYT yoga therapist and teacher, certified Breathwave facilitator and have trained on yogic and shamanic medicine paths for over 20 years. 


Much of my life has been dedicated towards understanding and living in a healthy way, as best as possible. In order to do so, I first had to learn about right relationship within myself and embark on a healing journey. So, in this pursuit, I have studied and journeyed extensively in the realms of body-mind-spirit. This includes formal study in yoga, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness and Ayurveda, and ongoing personal study in nutrition, resiliency, nervous system support, the brain, anatomy, bio-mechanics, psychology,  and self-transformation. I have spent time in sweat lodges, in medicine ceremonies and on transformational journeys as ways of connecting with my innermost Being, my Heart and my Spirit. And, the journey has, at times, been arduous, and at other times, so blissful and beautiful. And all of it ... so completely worth it.

The path to knowing ourselves can be scary and painful. Yet, the alternative, one where we are disconnected, leads to greater suffering  in the long run.

Those who are best able to help others are those who have walked the path themselves, at least when it comes to the healing journey. This definitely applies to me. I recovered from a long time eating disorder and worked with its deeper underlying issues. I hit bottom and experienced great loss, loneliness, heartache, burnout, exhaustion, disappointment, depression, darkness ... and made it through. I know what it is like to feel deep pain, shame and paralysis. And ... I also know what it is to begin to move forward again. The voice of the inner critic and perfectionist is one I continue to navigate, and I continue to ride the waves - the highs and lows - of life, as we all do. And, I fortunately have tools and strategies to help me through and to stay on the side of being my own ally.

On this path of healing I have found so much love and new possibilities, and ways of Being. I have learned how to re-structure, re-pattern, let go, open, create anew, receive and trust.

It is an honour for me to hold space for others and to offer what I have learned over these years. My offerings are both online and in-person private and group sessions, and include breathwork journeys, women's circles and retreats and therapeutic yoga.

The medicine that I bring is about transformation of Being, authenticity, deep heart, and personal empowerment, particularly for women, as it is a reflection of my own journey and lessons learned along the way.

When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.

~ Veeresh

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