A spring arises from deep within our earth, bubbling and full of minerals from the core.

SoulSpring alludes to the deep Source that lives within each one of us

- from which we are nourished and inspired.



About resilience, health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective that encompasses body, mind & spirit 

Provide knowledgable, in-depth instruction in therapeutic yoga & movement, nervous system support, resilience and healthy living 




Listen, mentor and support women in developing compassionate, loving and empowering relationships with themselves and others.

Create community with women through circles and retreats where we can authentically share, connect, grow and learn



Transformation & self-connection (soul-connection) through movement, breathwork, self inquiry, reflection and sacred ritual

Improved health and wellbeing through healthy living education, principles and practices

Guided practices and instruction - physical, emotional and spiritual - that can serve to nourish your body and Being 



Connect within and listen to your inner guidance


Integrate suppressed emotions and experiences through body based practices and breathwork

Set clear priorities and boundaries in your life 

Remember the most sacred, beautiful and magnificent parts of yourself

Cultivate more self-love, acceptance, compassion, authenticity, confidence and courage

Change patterns, stretch into the unknown and let go of what no longer serves you - to create whatever it is that mostly deeply nourishes and inspires you​ 


Provide an accountability platform to support you in sticking to your commitments and desired dreams

Hold space and listen with loving presence and acceptance 

SoulSpring Wellness has been in operation since 2010 in Vancouver, BC and is owned and operated by yoga therapist and teacher Christina Niven. 


I am deeply inspired to support you in your inner

journey so that you can be resilient, resourced

and empowered in your life.

This comes from having known the opposite and taken the journey through. I lived (for many years) as disconnected, disembodied, distracted and numb - from being over-extended and burnt out and totally stressed,  from being caught in addictive behaviours. It comes from years of doing my own inner work and knowing that it is possible to heal and integrate unresolved experiences and material - to be resilient, resourced and empowered in my life - and living it.

I have been so fortunate to have had access to teachers, mentors and healers who could help me come into right relationship within myself, to integrate and learn how to live a healthy, loving, fulfilling and meaningful life. I don't take any of this for granted and am so grateful.

My journey includes a 20+ year deep dive into the traditional paths of Tantra, Ashtanga and Vijnana yoga, for which I have 1200+ hours of teacher training. An additional 1000 hour IAYT yoga therapy certification offered deeper knowledge and tools, and enables more specialized expertise. My study of yoga has given me a deep appreciation and inner-standing of our interconnectedness with Life.

Additional personal studies in nutrition, Ayurveda, resiliency, grief work, meditation, psychology, nervous system integration and trauma support all serve to inform my work with clients and groups.

When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.

~ Veeresh

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