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A spring arises from deep within our earth, bubbling and

full of minerals from the core.

SoulSpring alludes to the deep Source that lives within each one of us

- from which we are nourished, inspired and can grow.

SoulSpring Wellness is based in Vancouver, BC and is owned and operated by yoga therapist and wellness educator Christina Niven. 

wowza 13.JPG

owner - soulspring wellness
c-IAYT yoga therapist,
senior breathwave facilitator & trainer

in training:
Somatic experiencing (yr 3 of 3)
masters in counselling psychology

I am inspired to support you in being healthy and well, and experiencing greater joy, love and peace in your life.

I bring to you my knowledge and experience as a certified IAYT yoga therapist, 20+ years as a yoga teacher and shamanic student, and six years as a certified senior Breathwave facilitator and trainer. I have frequently taught alongside my Breathwave teacher Robin Clements, and continue to learn, grow and refine with every new retreat and training. As a lifelong learner, I am currently doing graduate studies for a Masters of Counselling Psychology and am in my final year of training in Somatic Experiencing method developed by Dr. Peter Levine - a body-oriented approach to healing trauma and stress.


My yogic background includes a 20+ years on the traditional paths of Tantra, Ashtanga and Vijnana yoga, for which I have 1200+ hours of teacher training, and thousands of hours of teaching experience. An additional 1000 hour IAYT yoga therapy certification offered deeper knowledge and tools, and enables more specialized expertise. 

Combined with this has been walking of a shamanic medicine path that started 20+ years ago where I learned what it means to be in relationship with our Mother Earth. Through ceremony, prayer, plant medicines and wise teachers, I have come to know the sacred. I sat in nature and listened to the life that was all around me, and to all that it could teach me. I have a deep reverence for our natural world and for the immense beauty of what is seen, and also unseen. 

In addition to the above, I have informal studies in nutrition, Ayurveda, resiliency, and grief work.

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