A spring arises from deep within our earth, bubbling and full of minerals from the core.

SoulSpring alludes to the deep Source that lives within each one of us

- from which we are nourished and inspired.

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owner - soulspring wellness

soul activist, bhakti yogi, ceremonialist

yoga therapist, breathwave trainer

wellbeing facilitator


I am inspired to support you in being healthy and well, and experiencing greater joy, love and peace in your life.

They say that you know something best when you have walked the path and made it through. Perhaps then I can share with you what I have learned thusfar about the healing journey ... about becoming more whole hearted, more soulful, self-accepting and loving, forgiving, and eventually ... courageously ... emerging and shining from what was once a dark and scary place.

My journey has, to a large part, been about learning and coming to embrace self-love. It's been about feeling rather than thinking, about being authentic rather than what is "approved and accepted", and about being open and vulnerable. It takes courage to peel away the layers, let down one's defences, and to reveal one's true self. And it is an ongoing process. This has connected me to the deep medicine of my soul which now fuels my very purpose in life, which is to help others to connect with theirs.

My journey includes a 20+ year deep dive into the traditional paths of Tantra, Ashtanga and Vijnana yoga, for which I have 1200+ hours of teacher training, and thousands of hours of teaching experience. An additional 1000 hour IAYT yoga therapy certification offered deeper knowledge and tools, and enables more specialized expertise. More recently, as a complement to the physical and energetic benefits of yoga I have also added microcurrent therapy using the electro-equiscope after seeing how it could accelerate healing and relieve pain in people I was working with who had been injured.

Another source of inspiration and HUGE inner transformation over the past five years has been through Breathwave, a gentle form of breathwork under the study and guidance of my teacher, Robin Clements. I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to deep dive with him many times as a facilitator and trainer, and now attend alongside with him at most retreats and trainings.

Combined with this has been walking of a medicine path that started some 20+ years ago where I learned what it means to be in relationship with our Mother Earth. Through ceremony, prayer, plant medicines and wise teachers, I have come to know the sacred. I sat in nature and listened to the life that was all around me, and to all that it could teach me. I have a deep reverence for our natural world and for the immense beauty of what is seen, and also unseen. 

In addition to the above, I have also had interest and informal studies in nutrition, Ayurveda, resiliency, grief work, meditation, psychology, nervous system integration and trauma support. 



About resilience, health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective that encompasses body, mind & spirit 

Provide knowledgable, in-depth instruction in therapeutic yoga & movement, nervous system support, resilience and healthy living 




Listen, mentor and support women in developing compassionate, loving and empowering relationships with themselves and others.

Create community with women through circles and retreats where we can authentically share, connect, grow and learn



Transformation & self-connection (soul-connection) through movement, breathwork, self inquiry, reflection and sacred ritual

Improved health and wellbeing through healthy living education, principles and practices

Guided practices and instruction - physical, emotional and spiritual - that can serve to nourish your body and Being 



Connect within and listen to your inner guidance


Integrate suppressed emotions and experiences through body based practices and breathwork

Set clear priorities and boundaries in your life 

Remember the most sacred, beautiful and magnificent parts of yourself

Cultivate more self-love, acceptance, compassion, authenticity, confidence and courage

Change patterns, stretch into the unknown and let go of what no longer serves you - to create whatever it is that mostly deeply nourishes and inspires you​ 


Provide an accountability platform to support you in sticking to your commitments and desired dreams

Hold space and listen with loving presence and acceptance 

SoulSpring Wellness has been in operation since 2010 in Vancouver, BC and is owned and operated by yoga therapist and teacher Christina Niven.