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and harmony & connection within.

offerings include:

health & wellbeing workshops      breathwork       yoga therapy     women's circles & retreats




Educational workshops & classes

 Managing Stress & Building Resilience

Finding Balance in a Busy World

The Keystones to Wellness

NOURISH! series 



Conscious Connected Breathwork 

A healthy breath pattern serves to support the

nervous system, and regulate physical and

emotional stressors.


Conscious connected breathwork supports healthy breathing, releases tension, integrates suppressed emotion and fosters wellbeing.

yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy for Aging Bodies

  • Yoga for Aging Bodies: joint health and 

lubrication, back health, stability, mobility and flexibility. Specific adaptations and modifications offered.

  • Healthy aging education regarding lifestyle choices such as nutrition, activities and mindset to support a more graceful aging journey, both inside and out.


Honouring the sacred relationship  of the feminine within ourselves, with one another and with Life.


A Circle of Women: Embracing Mid-Life with Potency, Power and Beauty


owner - soul spring wellness

One of my heartfelt desires is to help others 

connect within themselves -  to feel ease

and at peace in body-mind-heart-spirit.  

This comes from knowing and living this path, and having the desire

to share it so that others may also be well.

The desire to be well comes from knowing what it is to be unwell. Most certainly this has been the case for me.

My journey to wellness started about 25 years ago when I realized that the way I was living was on a downward spiral if something didn't change. By that point, I had been bulimic for 13 years and was living in an inner world of perfectionism, tyranny, harsh self criticism and codependency. Thankfully the lightbulb went on and I was so fortunate to have other loving and skilled humans within my reach who could help. So I started the long path and deeper inner work needed to befriend myself and re-pattern to a life of wellness and wholeness.

Now 25 years later, I find that I am living with greater ease and peace than I ever have. Of course, life throws its curveballs, and those times are when the tools for resilience and self-care are more valuable than ever.

On my journey, I was driven to find knowledge and practices that could help me to heal and grow. Having a passionate interest in health and personal growth, I was called to a deep dive study of yoga, that has now continued for 20+ years. This includes the traditional paths of Tantra, Ashtanga and Vijnana yoga, for which I have 1200+ hours of teacher training. An additional 1000 hour IAYT certification in yoga therapy offered knowledge and tools for healing my injured body, and for supporting others who require more specialized expertise. My study of yoga has encompassed far more than yoga poses; it has been an immersion into a way of life that cultivates wholeness and connection within ourselves in body-mind-heart-spirit and also with Source.

My passion for learning has led me to personal studies in nutrition, particularly as it applies to aging, Ayurveda, resiliency, psychology, nervous system integration and trauma support. 

Further to this has been a spiritual exploration and maturation gained not only from yoga, but also through a shamanic medicine path and conscious connected breathwork. Through these, I have come to experience and know the beauty, the preciousness and sacredness of life and of Spirit. It is through breathwork that my heart totally cracked open. I am certified as a Senior Breathwave Facilitator and have a deep love for this work, and the healing it offers.

Through all of this, I have developed a comprehensive collection of skills, knowledge and wisdom that enables me to listen deeply, hold space, facilitate deeper inquiry and learning for individuals and groups, educate on health and wellbeing, and offer reflections/insights for the purpose of personal growth and learning.

My offerings are both online and in-person private and group sessions, and include yoga therapy, health & wellbeing education and workshops, breathwork, women's circles and retreats .



About wellness and healthy aging from a holistic perspective that encompasses body, mind & spirit 

Provide knowledgable, in-depth instruction in therapeutic yoga & movement, nervous system support, resilience and healthy living 




Listen, mentor and support younger women in developing compassionate, loving and empowering relationships with themselves and others.

Create community with women through circles and retreats where we can authentically share, connect, grow and learn



Transformation & self-connection (soul-connection) through movement, breathwork, self inquiry, reflection and sacred ritual

Improved health and wellbeing through healthy living education, principles and practices

Guided practices and instruction - physical, emotional and spiritual - that can serve to nourish your body and Being 



Connect within and listen to your inner guidance


Integrate suppressed emotions and experiences through body based practices and breathwork

Set clear priorities and boundaries in your life 

Remember the most sacred, beautiful and magnificent parts of yourself

Cultivate more self-love, acceptance, compassion, authenticity, confidence and courage

Change patterns, stretch into the unknown and let go of what no longer serves you - to create whatever it is that mostly deeply nourishes and inspires you​ 


Provide an accountability platform to support you in sticking to your commitments and desired dreams

Hold space and listen with loving presence and acceptance 

When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.

~ Veeresh

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