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Awakening to the light of Being

SoulSpring wellness

offers tools and practices for

transformation of inner and outer health and wellbeing

breathwork          inner wellness series & coaching         yoga therapy        microcurrent therapy   

Do you experience any of the following ...

  • have a hard time letting go and feel like you are carrying experiences and emotions from the past?

  • have shallow or restricted breathing, and/or experience anxiety regularly?

  • live with excess stress, tension, tightness and pain in your body?

  • have a recent injury and/or painful condition?

  • want to live a healthier lifestyle with greater wellbeing, but don't have the tools, know-how or willpower to do so?

SoulSpring offers breathwork, yoga therapy, microcurrent and self-care & inner growth coaching

to help you find greater health and wellbeing in your life.

Each is described in more detail under the Offerings page of this site, and all work synergistically

together to create a healthier life with greater ease, lightness and peace.

SoulSpring is run by me, Christina Niven, and I am honoured to meet you here. Thank you for stopping by. 

I am passionate about inviting others to embrace greater health, wellbeing and meaning in their lives. I support them through this process using tools that enable them to tune inwards, listen, feel and follow. 


Sometimes, they may do a breathwork session and clear years of accumulated, unprocessed emotions and toxins. Other times, they may receive Microcurrent sessions to help detox and expedite body healing, or they may choose gentle movement to ease tension and tightness, and to regulate the nervous system. And at other times, they may want support and guidance in implementing positive strategies in their lives for self care.

Clients come to me for private one-on-one breathwork, yoga therapy or wellness coaching sessions, online or in-person, or else they join in my livestream monthly breathwork journeys or eight week NOURISHING self-care & inner growth series.

My deepest passion is soul medicine where we come to remember and feel the deepest and most magnificent parts of who we are.


When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.

~ Veeresh

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