YOGA for ageing bodies
and/or Yoga stretch at work

with Christina



is offered online or in-person to groups or one-on-one. It's well suited if you want a more gentle and catered approach to yoga as you get older. 




is also offered online or in-person to groups or individually.

These are usually 30 - 60 minutes in length and can either be done at your desk, at home or in a group space. They're great for giving your body a break during the day and easing up on body tension and stress.


YOGA FOR AGEING BODIES is suitable for those who:

  • are feeling the effects of aging with aches, pains, increased tightness and less mobility

  • have more complex issues in their bodies that cannot be addressed in a regular yoga class

  • want in-depth instruction that is specific to them

  • require a therapist with more advanced training and knowledge than can be found with a yoga teacher

  • are recovering from surgery (ie: knees, hip, shoulder, chest)


YOGA STRETCH AT WORK is suitable for those who:

  • sit at their desks for much of the day

  • feel tight, stiff and/or stagnant

  • have neck tension, lower back or shoulder issues

  • have poor posture

  • are stressed at work

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Christina Niven offers private and group sessions that can be specifically tailored to the individual or group. Her 20+ years as a yoga teacher and 10 years as a yoga therapist inform her approach which now is within the spectrum of gentle to moderately strong, depending on who she is working with. All sessions will include body and breath awareness, alignment, relaxation and inner connection.


Private Sessions:

As with any effective healing modality, an initial intake serves to inform of what issues are present and need to be addressed.

A yoga practice and protocol will then be tailored to include any of the following:

  • breath awareness and pranayama practices

  • gentle and restorative yoga postures 

  • therapeutic movement

  • meditation

  • svadhaya (self-observation)

  • nervous system regulation and integration

  • inner healing practices (ie: self-compassion)

Homework will likely be assigned to further support the healing process.



  • Stress relief

  • Tension release

  • Improved mobility & flexibility

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Better sleep

  • Better emotional regulation

  • Improved health & wellbeing

Group Sessions:

More generalized in approach, these sessions can range from stronger flow practices to those that focus more on gentle and restorative movement. All yoga postures will serve to improve mobility, flexibility, vitality and relaxation in body-mind-spirit.

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It is said that SITTING is the new SMOKING - that a sedentary lifestyle is the pre-cursor

and a major contributing factor

to illness and disease.

We are meant to move, not to sit at desks or in cars or on couches for several hours at a time.


Why is it


to move?


  • keeps us limber, mobile and vital.

  • lubricates joints, keeps muscles  and fascia supple and adaptable.

  • helps to hydrate spinal discs, move lymph, and detox the body.

  • massages organs and promotes heart and organ health. 

  • enables independence and 

  • enables expression and communication.


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