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to balance your body and being through body awareness practices using Somatic Experiencing, restorative yoga, 

gentle breathwork, meditation and mindfulness.

The ability to regulate your nervous system is a key factor in maintaining physical, mental and emotional health.​ Doing so supports you in being able to respond rather than react to life's challenges.

These sessions weave a combination of modalities to support you in regaining balance in body-mind-heart-spirit.  They will support your nervous system and help you to recalibrate to a healthy and responsive way of being. They will ask you to slow down, tune in and feel into your direct experience. Such awareness and connection may seem elusive yet can be developed over time and then used to guide your inner knowing. Sessions can help you to be more embodied and present in your life and your relationships.

Depending on what is being called for sessions may include breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, restorative yoga, meditation, prayer, intention setting and ritual.


What is Somatic Experiencing?


Developed by Dr. Peter Levine SE is a body based approach to healing trauma. It invites you to slow down, feel into your body and to notice what is arising. As Christina is still in training, SE will only be used to support nervous system regulation. Trauma work will come eventually once she is a certified SE practitioner.

benefits of nervous system regulation:

  • restoration of energy and vitality

  • reduction of stress and tension

  • reduction of anxiety

  • reduction of pain

  • recalibration of body systems

  • down-regulation of an overactive nervous system

  • up-regulation of a depressed/suppressed nervous system

  • trauma integration 

  • improved healing from injury or surgery

  • replenished energy reserves

  • increased resilience and emotional capacity


Christina offers knowledge and experience gained from more than three decades of dedicated study and practice in health, wellness and personal growth. Her professional experience includes over 20 years as a yoga teacher/therapist, senior breathwork facilitator and trainer (7 years),  shamanic student and her current training in Somatic Experiencing and a Masters degree (in progress) in Counselling.


Contact Christina for more information and

a free 20 minute consultation.

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