resilience & wellbeing workshops

Women tend to have very full lives with multiple responsibilities and demands.

Learning how to balance competing priorities and to cultivate resilience offers great benefit

at home and at work, ultimately supporting women to be the best they can be in their lives.

Women relate differently from men, and benefit when given an opportunity to be in a

positive, supportive environment that applies female based leadership principles and learning.

Women supporting women.

Managing Stress & Building Resilience (2 -4 hours suggested)

Akin to the willow tree - strong yet flexible - resilience enables us to move through and adapt to life challenges. This workshop will examine resilience as it applies to the different areas of our lives as women . Participants will be invited to reflect on how well resourced they are for potential challenges and will be invited to consider additional ways to build their reserves. In addition, experiential body-based and mindfulness practices and strategies will be offered to reduce stress and calm the nervous system.

Finding Balance in a Busy World (4 hours suggested)

Balance is a dynamic state of being that requires a functioning relationship between the various aspects of the inner self and also outer circumstances. Being out of balance can signal where we potentially need to heal, bring awareness and/or change behaviour. Balance requires knowing one's priorities and being able to assert boundaries in order to find a state of being that brings health, wellbeing and ease. In this workshop, participants will be invited into self-inquiry and reflection,  and will also practice exercises and tools for work-life balance, and for reinforcing body-mind-spirit connection which naturally helps to foster greater balance in one's life.

The Keystones to Wellness (8 hours suggested)

This workshop considers the different aspects of our lives and who we are. It inquires about our relationship to each one and whether they support vitality and wellbeing, or diminish it. A Wellness Wheel maps this out in an easy-to-understand format that immediately makes it clear to the participant about what is working and what is not. Based on this examination, we will explore areas of wellness that can be addressed in this setting (ie: diet, sleep). Others that require more in-depth inquiry can be reserved for work with professionals  (ie: psychotherapistpsychiatrists) specifically trained in those areas.

NOURISH! series (8 class series)

Informed through yogic teachings and modern science, this series was born out of personal experience found through learning how to live a way of life that is nourishing, rather than depleting.


This offering has more spiritual elements than the above three, and includes yoga, breathwork, and personal sharing as part of the inner exploration and growth. We will connect into all aspects of ourselves - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - with the guiding principles of compassionate inquiry, curiosity, authenticity and  presence.

"I got a lot out of the NOURISH series. I had never participated in anything like it, so had no idea what to expect and what I might experience. Your guidance helped me to focus on a time in my life that I believe is the cause of lasting behaviours - that I would like to change, and negative feelings I want to move forward from. You created a safe environment for these feelings and thoughts to surface in a way that I haven’t experienced before, so thank you. I liked the variety of tools you presented to explore more deeply into ourselves, the breadth of knowledge and the level of compassion you bring to every aspect of your teaching".

~ NOURISH! attendee, 54 yr woman