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Self-Care as a Pillar of Wellness

Self-care includes all aspects of a person's life and cannot be separated between home and work. It is a foundational pillar of health and wellness.

Wellness at work can help employees to be healthier, more balanced, more resourced and to reduce burnout.


Supporting workplace wellness, including self-care activities, demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing and company values that go beyond the bottom line.

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A 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

As the world transitions out of the pandemic, the need for self-care is as important as ever. Many individuals continue to face stress and anxiety, and ongoing challenges to mental, emotional and physical health.

By implementing practices and routines that support health and wellbeing, an individual can be better resourced to navigate stress and uncertainty. This 30 Day Self-Care Challenge provides an accountability and educational framework for implementing new healthy self-care practices into one's life.

Self-care practices are foundational to resilience and continued growth.

This is an opportunity for employers to support staff and demonstrate that they care. And it may be particularly beneficial for individuals who are stuck in their less-than- healthy routines - helping them to shift and mobilize into new healthy habits, attitudes and behaviours.

What this 30 Day Self-Care Challenge entails:


  • commit to self-care and creating new habits for 30 days

  • 1 - 3 self-care commitments to be completed every day


  • a unique, daily educational, inspirational or movitational self-care video


  • record successes into an accountability platform daily

Teambuilding (optional):

  • livestream, interactive, team building wellness activities and events

Social (optional):

  • online sharing platform to share self-care ideas, inspirations and successes


The Wellness at Work 30 Day Self-Care Challenge Package 

What's included?

Employer's package

  • Videos - pre-recorded 5 - 10 minutes each

    • 30 Self-Care - a new topic daily

    • 1 Welcome and introduction

    • 1 Closing and thank you

  • Online accountability check-in for daily reporting

Add on options

  • Online livestream yoga sessions, breathwork, meditation and/or wellness education

  • Live, interactive team building and peer support opportunities

  • Customization tailored to the organization (videos specially made rather than pre-done, livestream events personalized for your staff)

The Benefits

For employers:

  • demonstration of care and values that go beyond the bottom line. Be a company of integrity and care.

  • a more caring relationship with employees leads to improved staff morale and productivity

  • improved employee health and wellbeing leads to 

    • better performance

    • better representation of your business and leading to higher returns and profits

    • a happier and healthier workplace

    • fewer sick days

For participants:

  • learn about self-care and how to build resilience

  • feel the benefits of dedicated self-care over time

  • develop healthy habits over time

  • feel better about themselves and their health better

  • able to show up in their lives

  • potentially improve workplace effectiveness and manage stressors better

  • mobilize stagnation, change less-than-healthy stay-at-home routines, and perhaps return to the office to work and also join in team building self- care sessions.

Interested? Would you like to know more?

Please contact to discuss your organization's needs, what you are looking for and to determine if this program may be a good fit!

Examples of self-care video topics

  1. Why is self-care important?

  2. Different aspects of self-care: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

  3. MOVE! The benefits of moving, and the detriments of a sedentary lifestyle

  4. Sleep Hygeine: The importance of a good night's sleep and how to get it

  5. Up your Fitness today! The benefits of HIIT & 7 minute workout

  6. Up your Fitness today! Go for a 15 minute walk & its benefits

  7. Up your Fitness today! Lifting weights and the benefits

  8. Manage your stress: Tips and practices to manage your nervous system

  9. Lighten up! Decluttering your desk, your office, your life and creating space for new possibilities

  10. Nutrition : Types of sweeteners and how they affect your body

  11. Nutrition: Types of fats and how they affect your body

  12. Nutrition: Hydration and why it's so important

  13. Detox! How to reduce and eliminate toxins in your environment and diet

  14. Body Inflammation: The precursor to disease and how to reduce it

  15. Sugar free day!

  16. Office stretch - a five minute timeout and stretch at your desk

  17. Breathe! - a five minute reset at the office

  18. Nitric Oxide Dump! The 4 minute workout

  19. The importance of recognizing and honouring your needs

  20. Creating healthy boundaries: We teach people how to treat us

  21. Self-Compassion: moving beyond the inner critic

  22. Maturation: moving from black and white into "both/and" and the shades of grey

  23. Thank You! The power of appreciation and gratitude

  24.  Steeping in the Good - the value and importance of acknowleding your victories

  25. Building trust within and with others

  26. Valuing Yourself Enough to Speak Up and Show Up in Your Life

  27. Habits: setting the foundation for progress and success in your life

  28. Personal effectiveness: prioritize and organize

  29. Mindset: What are you telling yourself?

  30. Be mindful of your assumptions: the value of inquiry

  31. Know Thyself: The benefits of self-observation and knowing your patterns

  32. What is spirituality?

  33. Inner connection and meditation

  34. Inner connection and the natural world

  35. Inner connection and creativity

  36. Feed your soul: cultivating beauty and soulful connection

  37. Setting healthy boundaries

  38. The importance of safety in relationships

  39. Authentic Relating: vulnerability, connection and discernment

  40. Keeping the connection open: clearing when something arises

  41. Working with conflict Pt 1: self-responsibility, speaking from "I"

  42. Working with conflict Pt 2: openness vs defensiveness

  43. Working with conflict Pt 3: willingness to consider

  44. Working with conflict Pt 4: personal integrity and honouring your word