The inner journey...

Breathe, let go and release. Feel and integrate those emotions and experiences that lie beneath the surface. And then ... once again ... breathe .... let go ... release.


Connect with your body, your heart and your highest self. Gain clarity on what you want to call into your life. Find resolution for the unhealed parts of your experience.


Breathwork vitalizes - it supports vagal tone and helps to regulate the nervous system. It detoxifies the body, 

strengthens organ systems, calms stress and clears the mind. It also opens the door to the subconscious and offers an opportunity for you to consciously change your program.

We all breathe. And ... in this gentle form of conscious connected breathwork with the facilitator, there is a potency of presence and attention that invites you to go deeper into your experience.

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Self-care and inner growth coaching with Christina invites you to befriend yourself and align with your deepest knowing. This is a journey of self-discovery where you can get in touch with what is holding you back - your fears, your critic and inner dialogue  - and learn constructive , helpful ways to heal the relationship within. Learn to believe in yourself, dig deep for your courage and come to take the steps to love yourself more fully so that you can live this life more fully - so that you can live your purpose and offer your gifts, your heart and your magnificence to the world.

In our time together, we will work with body, mind, heart and spirit through movement, yogic postures, meditation, visualization, self inquiry, breathwork and sacred ritual. Sessions blend the spiritual with the emotional and physical, and honour the deep innate wisdom within. 

The Outer Journey ...
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Our cells produce and transmit small currents of electricity in order to function. When damaged or sick, they lose their voltage which leads to increased toxicity, inflammation and eventually cell death.


Electro-Equiscope Microcurrent Therapy provides a gentle electrical current to "boost" damaged tissues which then restores nutritional absorption and waste elimination, reduces inflammation, boosts ATP production, mitochondria function (AKA energy) and expedites healing.

Used by medical professionals including MDs, physiotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors and massage and other bodywork therapists, the Electro-Equiscope microcurrent is used as a therapy for tissue healing and pain reduction.

Rather than simply interrupting pain signals to the brain and directing a one way current, this class II medical device reads the electrical conductivity in cells and then adjusts and delivers a pico-current to charge tissues to optimum levels for cell function. Multiple sets of frequencies are used to target different pathologies and different tissue types.