When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.

~ Veeresh

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Women's Medicine

What does this mean?

In this context, it refers to the path of healing for and between women. It acknowledges the sacred relationship we have with Spirit, with one another and within ourselves. The medicine is honouring those relationships and living in a way that restores them if they have been broken.

In our society, there is a sister wound where women undermine and hurt one another, as they also do to themselves. This needs to be addressed, cared for and to heal if we are to be empowered and in our wholeness. If we want to dance the sacred dance with the masculine in a good way, we must first find our own dance within ourselves that honours our inner feminine and masculine.

Learning how to love ourselves as women, to put aside the cultural conditioning that tells us to be a certain way, and to love and support one another is women's medicine. It is where we connect into ourselves, our bodies, our ways - and honour, celebrate and learn from them.

Women's medicine includes the weaving of our many different ways into a collective basket and is a walk of wisdom, beauty and power.

Christina Niven is deeply committed to supporting and mentoring women in their personal growth and healing journeys. 

Drawing from over 30 years of her own inner work and healing, Christina has a solid foundation from which to offer this support. 

She serves in a leadership role within her breathwork community and as a mentor to young women and budding breathwork facilitators. 

She also offers a Circle of Women and women's retreats as opportunities for women to gather in sacred and ceremonial ways, and to connect with themselves and one another for their personal growth and healing.




For women 18 - 30 (ish) who may wish to have an older "sister" with whom they can share, talk about life, and receive reflections and guidance, if requested. Sometimes, talking to someone who has been around a while longer and has successfully navigated through difficult times, can be helpful and provide a positive support in life. For more info, contact christina@soulspringwellness.ca.

A Circle of Women: Embracing Mid-Life with Potency, Power and Beauty


Currently in session. Will be offered again in fall 2020. This is a celebration of the journey through mid-life where we redefine ourselves and reframe the narrative that our culture tends to tell about being a middle age woman. Instead of withering, this is about connecting into our inner magnificence and potency with age.

"Becoming" - a 4 day women's retreat

June 4 - 8, 2020, Sunshine Coast, BC

A very special time-out from the busy world will enable us to drop in, to connect within ourselves and envision where we are going in our lives, and who we are becoming. These four days will include meditation, breathwork, yoga, sacred ceremony and time in nature, not to mention amazing high-vibe food and incredible natural beauty.