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Personalized Yoga Sessions

One-on-one and small group sessions offer the opportunity for a 

personalized experience catered specifically to your needs.


They are well suited for anyone wanted to learn in greater depth, who has specific or more complex challenges and who may want more privacy or attention in a session.



Practices may include gentle stretching, assisted stretching, muscle strengthening & balancing, gentle dynamic movement, meditation, pranayama (yogic breath practice),  and restorative yoga.


This is well suited for those with aging bodies, who are recovering from illness or injury, stress, depletion and/or who feel inflexible, tight or sore.

A slower, deeper practice with long holds, breath awareness and focused attention. These sessions aim to release deeply held tension, both physically and mentally.

This type of session is better suited to the athlete or person who is looking primarily for a physical experience, combined with a relief of tension and stress.

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