One-on-one and small group sessions offer the opportunity for a more personalized experience that is catered specifically to your needs.


They are well suited for anyone wanted to learn in greater depth, who has specific or more complex challenges and who may want more privacy or attention in a session.

Have you ever been in a class where you didn't know if you were doing things right or you needed more attention and time than the instructor could provide?

Do you need personalized instruction or support to help you with your yoga or breathwork practice, or in creating a healthier lifestyle, more resilience and work-life balance?

Are you looking for a facilitator who can guide you on a deeper journey within yourself?



Private or small group sessions will include attention to anatomy, posture, intelligent movement principles and will provide detailed instruction on specific actions being taught. They will also focus on cultivation of inner awareness within the body, the nervous system as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Practices may include gentle stretching, assisted stretching, muscle strengthening & balancing, gentle dynamic movement, meditation, pranayama (yogic breath practice),  and restorative yoga.


This is well suited for those with aging bodies, who are recovering from illness or injury, stress, depletion and/or who feel inflexible, tight or sore.


This beautiful practice has the potential for great healing of deep emotional wounds and suppressed experiences. Sometimes, an individual may feel more at ease expressing his/herself in a private setting that is lovingly held.

Or, an individual may want to better understand and embody the Breathwave practice. A private session can provide this.

Each session runs approximately 2 hours, and is also dependent on each person's process and integration time.

Small group or semi-private sessions can also be arranged.



Focused on personal growth, healing and a healthy lifestyle for over 30 years, Christina brings a wealth of knowledge on how to live with greater balance, wholeness and wellbeing.


She lives in a way that reflects a respectful relationship between body-mind-heart-spirit. 

Having learned from personal experience and lifelong studies, Christina is able to offer lifestyle suggestions and guidance for changing unhealthy patterns and improved wellbeing.

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