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Inspiritu Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator's Training

Inspiritu (in-speer-ee-too): "infuse life into", "into life", "into soul", "into breath"

300 hour Inspiritu Facilitator's Training

Inspiritu Breathwork offers an integrated, trauma-informed approach synthesized from Breathwave, Somatic Experiencing, Yoga Therapy and Earth-Based Shamanic Healing.

Upon completion of this training, you will have the skills and knowledge to be a professional trauma-informed facilitator of Inspiritu Breathwork, a gentle, sacred and therapeutic approach to conscious connected breathwork. You will acquire the tools needed to facilitate individuals and small groups in-person and online, learn how to hold a deep and sacred space for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, offer intuitive and informed hands-on facilitation and be knowledgeable about trauma-informed practice and the physiology, biology and anatomy of breathwork. On a more subtle level, you will gain an understanding of energetic patterning and work with a deeper field of awareness connected to the infinite Source of Life. Based on three pillars Foundational Breath, Foundational Facilitation and Practicum & Mentorship, not only will you be versed in the tangible and practical, but also the sacred and subtle aspects of this work. 


This professional facilitator’s training will be comprehensive and open to those who are new to or experienced. It will be inclusive where folks of all genders, colours, ethnicities and orientations are welcome.


A hybrid format will be offered that combines both in-person and live online learning sessions. Foundational Breath will include in-person and live online class sessions. Foundational Facilitation will require more time with in-person classes, weekly live online class sessions and assignments.

Three Pillars



This first half of the training will centre on your relationship with your breath and deepening your Ground of Being. This time is for you: to come home to and be in deep connection with yourself.

You will be invited to examine and explore your energetic and emotional patterning, how it may relate to your breath, your expression and your future facilitation.

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This second half of the training will offer an integrated approach that includes trauma-informed practice, conscious touch, hands-on facilitation, sacred space holding, ceremony, ethical practice, the biology, physiology and anatomy of breath, breath patterns, counselling theory and client care.

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To support ongoing learning, group consultations will be offered monthly for six months after the completion of the facilitation training component. Students can share their practicum experiences and receive feedback/guidance for the purpose of learning and growth.

Foundational Breath 


  • instruction of the Inspiritu conscious connected breathwork technique, a gentle approach regulating the nervous system

  • energetic patterning and armouring and how they relate to breathwork

  • the collective field of consciousness


  • conscious connected breathwork - your personal practice to deepen your foundational relationship with your breath

  • self-growth reflective practices - understanding your own armouring

  • sensory-awareness practice - somatic and collective field

  • physical movement practices and opening techniques to prepare the body for breathwork

Foundational Facilitation


  • Facilitation approach​: a focus on the therapeutic relationship and a Person-Centered approach (Rogers, 1961). Holding space & creating a safe and sacred space.

  • Facilitation techniques​: hands-on, hands-off, body movement, vibration, voice and tone

  • Working with trauma​: understanding the nervous system and trauma responses, and how to support them safely

  • The biology, physiology, anatomy and patterns of breath

  • Client care​: intake, in-session, debrief, aftercare


  • Opening techniques to prepare the body for breathwork

  • Conscious connected breathwork hands-on facilitation


Rogers, C.R. (1961). On becoming a person: A therapist’s view of psychotherapy. Houghton Mifflin.

Practicum & Mentorship


Practicum helps to develop your skills, awareness and readiness for offering breathwork as a professional practitioner.


  • In-Person Practicum: 50 one-on-one in-person client sessions - documented (125 hours)

  • Online Practicum: 10 online breath journeys - documented (15 hours)


For six months following class sessions, mentorship will be provided through group case consultations for your cohort where you can share your practicum experiences for the purpose of learning and growth. These are included in the course fee.

Optional individual case consultations can be booked for an added fee. These provide the opportunity to discuss client cases in depth as well as anything covered within the course.

Dates, Times & Location


5 sessions x 9 hours = 45 hours

9:30 am - 7:30 pm

Saturday/Sunday January 13/14

Friday/Saturday/Sunday January 19/20/21


2 sessions x 2.5 hours = 5 hours

Thursdays: 6:30 - 9:00 pm Pacific time

January 18, 25, 2024

Total hours: 50

Foundational Breath


5 sessions x 9 hours = 45 hours

9:30 am - 7:30 pm

Saturday/Sunday, March 16/17

Friday/Saturday/Sunday, March 22-24


4 sessions x 2.5 hours = 10 hours

Thursdays: 6:30 - 9:00 pm Pacific time

March 7, 14, 21, 28, 2024

Total hours: 55

Foundational Facilitation


5 sessions x 1 hour = 5 hours

Thursdays: 6:30 - 7:30 pm Pacific


April 25, May 23, June 20, July 18, Sept 19, 2024

Total hours: 5

Practicum & Mentorship


In-Person: Love & Peace Studio, 3586 W. 4th Avenue (near Dunbar), Vancouver

Online: Live Zoom


  • Make-up sessions can be arranged for an additional fee. Certification will require the completion of all requirements including any make-up equivalents. 

  • IN-PERSON: For each full-day in-person class missed, a make-up of two breathwork sessions plus a review of material with Christina will be required (7 hours total, $700 + gst). The make-up sessions should ideally occur before the next in-person class if possible. Please plan and book ahead of time. The make-up sessions and fees can be shared with a classmate who also needs the same.

  • ONLINE: The live online sessions will be recorded and can be made available. A written summary demonstrating your understanding of the content will be required. The recordings will be provided for free for the first two absences. After that, the cost will be $35 per recording.

  • GROUP CASE CONSULT: A missed group consult can be made up by a one-hour individual consult for $125 + gst. You are welcome to buddy up and share the make-up session and fee with a classmate. During this time you are invited to ask questions about any content covered to date and also consult about your client sessions.

group breath crop.jpg

Time Commitment & Certification


  • In-person class time: 90 hours

  • Online live class time: 15 hours

  • Assignments: 2 hours

  • Videos: 3 hours

  • Reading: 20 hours

  • Personal practice: 25 hours

  • Practicum: 140 hours

  • Group Consultations: 5 hours



Completion of all commitments including:

  • Attendance at all training sessions (or make-up equivalent) (105 hours)

  • 2 self-reflection assignments (2 hours)

  • 2 video submissions - (1) explanation of technique with the client, (2) hands-on facilitation of client (3 hours)

  • Reading materials - tbd (20 hours)

  • Personal breathwork practice (15 min/day x 100 days = 25 hours)

  • In-Person Practicum: 50 one-on-one in-person client sessions - documented (125 hours)

  • Online Practicum: 10 online breath journeys - documented (15 hours)

  • 5 group consultation hours (5 hours)

  • A demonstrated ability to carry this breath medicine with integrity, in beauty and for the benefit of all you will work with.

  • Completion of personal and financial commitments for this training.

Total hours: 300

Personal Commitment

  • To healing, transformation, growth and learning

  • Open-heartedness. Acting with kindness, acceptance, respect, authenticity and compassion.

  • Embracing the learning journey and a willingness to be imperfect and oh so human.

  • Bringing an attitude conducive to learning and a willingness to engage fully and do the work. 

  • Acting with integrity: honesty, accountability, reliability.

  • Addressing issues when they arise, also known as "clearing".

  • Upholding classmate and client confidentiality at all times.

  • Carrying this breath medicine with integrity, in beauty and for the benefit of all you will work with.

  • Completion of personal and financial commitments for this training.

Image by Paolo Nicolello
Pricing & Payment

Regular price (CDN): $4300+ gst


Early bird discounts: 

Register by October 15, 2023:

$1000 off = $3300 + gst

Register by November 15, 2023:

$750 off = $3550 + gst


Register by December 15, 2023:

$500 off = $3800 + gst

Initial deposit required to save your spot: $500

(payment in full is also welcome)

Second payment: due December 15, $1000

Final payment: due January 13, 2024 ​


Send payment to:

Please pay by e-transfer to


As a wholehearted ally, I am committed to rebalancing systemic injustice and supporting equality for BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ folx. A BIPOC/2SLGBTQIA+ scholarship could be available depending on need. Please reflect honestly on your level of privilege and if this is something you need, let me know.


Please email me at and provide the reason for your request and your proposed payment plan.


​The deposit is refundable minus $150 + gst administrative fee until December 13, 2023. After that date, no refund will be issued.

Application & Registration

Please complete this application.

It will be reviewed within a few days and you will be contacted shortly afterwards.

If you have not heard back within a week, please reach out to me at


Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I'm also happy to arrange a phone chat if you'd prefer to connect live.

Contact me at:

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