Self-Care and Inner Growth Coaching & Mentorship

"Self-care" is a a buzz word these days. It is often correlated with going to the gym, eating well, getting enough sleep, getting a massage and so forth. These are all true, and self care is also "care for oneself". This is so much deeper and encompasses how we navigate our lives and all the choices we make. Are they ones that have "care for oneself"? It encompasses developing a deep regard and love for self and for one's wellbeing. When we can come to this place of inner relationship, a deeper well of peace and connection results.

Self-care is not selfish. It is filling our cups so full that we are overflowing and then can share with others. We can come from a place of abundance, rather than depletion. It is from this place, that true generosity occurs.


Self-care strategies are only so effective as the ability to implement them. This is where underlying beliefs, attitudes and habits come into play. In doing the deeper work to see one's inner workings, it is then possible to see where we sabotage ourselves and then have the option for making better choices. It all starts with awareness which then opens the door to change.

This is a sacred journey of self-discovery and inner listening where you come know what is in your heart ... what is true and is in alignment for you. This is a journey of worthiness and self-love.


In our coaching sessions together, you will be guided on a journey of inner discovery, reflection and inquiry. You will be asked to honestly look at your beliefs, patterns and behaviours to see how they may be undermining your desired goals and dreams. You will be asked to be accountable and to courageously make choices that align with what is most true for you - that call you forth into a higher level of self-actualization and into deeper care for self - "self-care". This process will include breathwork, inner inquiry, listening and feeling, movement and sacred ritual. It is a journey that will include all your senses, your moving feeling body, your deep heart, your mental capabilities and a deep dive into your emotional realm.

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