When there is love in your heart, everything outside of you also becomes lovable.

~ Veeresh

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Conscious Connected Breathwork

much of my confusion and sadness came from being disconnected from myself. the greatest journey I have taken so far is the one where i ended the alienation between me and all that i am, the one where i connected my light and my darkness, where i united what i wanted to know with what I did not want to face. only through this union and truthfulness did i begin to feel at home within my own being.

yung pueblo, "inward"



Conscious Connected breathwork is a form of circular breathing done lying down. This particular approach, known as Breathwave, is gentle and enables the release of old holding patterns and integration of suppressed emotions and experiences in a safe and healthy way.


Each person chooses the degree to which they breathe, and is guided by the facilitator during each session.

The breath journey is guided with music, intention and prayer. It offers the opportunity to come home to yourself, to be in your feeling body and remember who you truly are.

This is a tool for healing, nourishing and awakening. It is profound and sacred. Yogis and shamans have recognized the potency of the breath for millennia.


  • Rebalances the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Releases stress, relaxes and replenishes one’s body and Being

  • Detoxifies internal organs

  • Improves digestion and organ function

  • Increases energy and aliveness

  • Supports emotional integration

  • Clears energetic blocks

  • Increases clarity

  • May induce altered and expanded states of consciousness

  • Improves circulation

"The Breath Wave’ is an open and balanced self-practice of your own breath, flowing as a relaxed and continuous wave. This full respiratory breathing technique enhances the flow of oxygen and life force (prana) throughout the body and mind, slows down the patterns of the brain and the nervous system and cultivates a high vibrational frequency; facilitating vibrant health, mental and emotional clarity and a liberating connection with our higher self."

“You are your own greatest

healer and teacher”

~ Robin Clements, Founder, Breathwave

Gentle Yoga & Breathwave Journey

February 2, 4 - 7 pm

You are invited to breathe. To come home to yourself - to centre, and to reconnect and realign with what most makes your heart and your Spirit sing in this one precious life.

This Breathwave journey is for nourishing body, and it is also for cleansing and clearing the soul - for releasing the heaviness, limitations and pain that hold us back from reaching for our dreams.

It opens the doorway so that new possibilities may enter.

Our three hours together will include a Breathwave journey as well as gentle yoga beforehand to help relax, open and invite us into presence.


Inner Evolution Healing Centre, 3263 Heather St

$45 incl GST until February 1, $50 incl GST after
$5 discount for returning participants

E-transfer to Christina(at)soulspringwellness.ca to confirm your spot

(note that (at) is listed instead of @ to prevent spammers from stealing the email address. Please use the @ symbol when emailing).

  • Water bottle, pillow, two blankets and yoga mat

  • Wear comfortable clothing and layers, including
    warm socks. Dress WARMLY.