2021 New Years Envisioning Journey

with Breathwork, Movement & Inquiry

Powerfully set your intentions as we enter into this new year ahead.

January 1, 2021       4 - 7 pm       $50       livestream

2020 has been life-changing.

Let's envision this year before us -

of how we intend to be,

how we intend to show up,

of who we want to be.


Let us raise our vibrations and set our intentions

powerfully and with clarity.

In these three hours together, we will embark on individual journeys of transformation. First we will move through a process of feeling the energetic and physical imprinting of 2020,  releasing through the body what needs to be cleared, honouring what has been learned. And then as we move into deeper inquiry and breath, we will ask our hearts and higher selves about what we intend to birth in this year ahead - envisioning how we want to be as individuals during this time of immense change.


This is a calling to personal sovereignty where we each decide how we will be within our own circles of influence and power, within our own inner domains of heart and soul. It is from having clarity and intention from the centre of each of our circles (ourselves), that we can ripple out powerful, beautiful medicine into the world. 

Our shared journey together will include a Breathwave journey, expressive movement and sacred ritual.

You will need a candle and a quiet, personal space for our time together.

Please pre-register at

$50 via e-transfer reserves your spot